by Al Lover

Garden 03:32
Deep Seed 02:12
Formation 03:46
The Search 03:35
Cultivation 02:55


This project is the first in a series of releases that aims to guide the listener in the direction of intentional thought. Homework if you like, a challenge if you hate homework. Choose your own adventure.

The concept of this work is the metaphor of the Garden. Where nature meets social structure. The interaction of duality, playing together to create experience. For me, the Garden was the first archetypal construct that opened my mind to an idea outside of what I was observing. A look inward and outward, simultaneously. A veil removed.

It's the backdrop of the first biblical story but still remains a relevant theme within culture today. Where would we be without agriculture? Where would we be without infrastructure? Was the Garden the birthplace of the culture that to we experience today? What aspects of our interaction with nature got us here?

I personally have no idea, but while you listen to this album, I urge you to consider these concepts and also observe what ideas and revelations you come up with on you own. What does this construct mean to you? How do you relate to what came before you and how can you build upon it? I know it's a task that I'm asking of you, but in the mindlessness of modernity, it's at least something to do

There's more out there the we can perceive, and the myth is the doorway to the fantastic, the supernatural and the beauty within the mundane. I hope y'all will join me on this adventure because I have no idea of what's going on. Life is a trip and trips are best experienced with others. Let's put the puzzle pieces together, together.

Much love and respect to all of you who participate. Please let me know what this project inspires within you.


released January 20, 2020




Al Lover Los Angeles, California

Neu!-Age Spiritualized Repetition

Creating a broken abstraction of trip hop, Al Lover incorporates elements of psych, shoegaze, proto-electronica, krautrock & dub to draw out elements from the past and connect them to the future.

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